"While geneticists and other researchers work tirelessly toward a future cure - let's also challenge ourselves to seek innovative ways right now leveraging technology to enhance the abilities of those who are at risk of being left behind today"

- Fragile X Technology Organization, Board

Simply planting cutting-edge tool's in their hands, immediately germinating a world of new opportunities ...

Fragile X syndrome is the leading hereditary cause of developmental disabilities in all populations. The absence of a functional fragile X gene shuts off production of a special protein in the brain needed for typical cognitive development. The spectrum ranges from learning disabilities to more severe cognitive issues and autism. Without this protein, children with the syndrome struggle to maximize their learning potential leveraging traditional methods, despite hours of individual instruction, therapy and rehabilitation


The GOAL of the Fragile X Technology Organization is to enhance the abilities of children and young people diagnosed with Fragile X

Our MISSION is to make available to young girls and boys innovative technology because of our belief that early introduction and use of these tools will lead to brighter and healthier futures for these kids

The Fragile X Technology Organization is in the process of applying for status as a  501(c)3 organization

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The Fragile X Technology Organization is just getting launched ... please share with us your stories regarding the positive impact technology has had on your loved one with Fragile X, share with us a loved one afflicted by Fragile X whose abilities would be enhanced through technology and the barrier(s) to procuring such

email us at: information@supportfragilex.org

... and/or support our campaign to make a difference right now in the lives of young people diagnosed Fragile X in a simple, yet impactful way by donating right now ...

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